How much does a Passive House cost to build?
The cost of building a passive house would typically be greater than that of a conventional house – you wouldn’t expect it to be otherwise. The extra-over cost compared to conventional build is impossible to generalise and will depend greatly upon design, size of project, quality of finishes and so forth. The extra cost is, however, likely to be in the region of 10% to 15% (MosArt’s Out of the Blue demonstration home was 8% higher than conventional). With increasing energy prices, the question to ask yourself is ‘Can I afford not to build a Passive House’! Furthermore, with carbon-neutral housing due to be introduced to Ireland as soon as 2013, you need to consider adverse effects on the value of your property if you do not build to the highest possible standard. If you can’t afford to pay an extra 10% for construction costs, you could always reduce the size of your house by 10% to still come in on budget
How much should it cost to heat my passive house for a year?
This will greatly depend on house size and fuel used. However, we can give you some rule of thumb here. Heating and hot-water costs should be in the region of €0.15 (15 Euro cent) per square metre per year. So, for a 200m2 house (2,200 square feet) heating and hot water costs (using bulk-delivered pellets) should be in the region of €300 per year. Please note that this example is provided for illustration purposes only. Cost of heating will depend on energy efficiency of heating system, heating method used and space heating requirement of your project.
Are there any special grants available for building Passive House’s?
No. There are, however, a series of grants currently available from SEI for various energy saving initiatives and details of these can be found at . While none of these pertain specifically to Passive Houses, the Low Carbon Homes scheme might provide some opportunity for grant-aid.
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