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Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford

The Proposal  

The Clonhaston site comprises suburban lands to the southeast of Enniscorthy. Rather uniquely, it constitutes a battlefield of the 1798 Rebellion where the Crown Forces (’Red Coats’) set up cannon guns on the highest part of the site, the ‘Green Hill’, to fire on the Insurgents (Rebels), located to the south. The development comprises nearly 450 residential units of different types as well as a nursing home and childcare facilities. A spine road winds through the development, linking two site-bounding public roads.

The MosArt Effect 

Besides the historical influence on the layout already noted, the existing landscape with its field boundaries and hedgerows proved a key determinant of site design. The journey through the development, particularly along the spine road, is accented by judiciously considered building height differences that articulate junctions and terminate views. This effect is further enhanced throughout the development by elevational treatment involving the interplay of render and brick.