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Senan House – Enniscorthy Tech Park

Ireland’s first certified passive House Office Building

The Proposal

Wexford County Council initiated on their own lands to the southeast of Enniscorthy Town the Enniscorthy Technological Park and the first building to be erected is Senan House. Being the first, this office building helps establish an entrance to this park which which is intended to gradually fill out over the coming years – planning permission has also been obtained for a second building.

The MosArt Effect

Senan House was conceived in style as a contemporary structure, alluding to the nautical that reflects its river-view and the historical boat-life of the town’s past. Fenestration and wall panelling create a Modernist horizontal effect. The central bay pushes out from the basic rectangular form of the building with a cranked geometry of planes that express an openness to both those who approach from the east (up-slope) and to the town to the northwest (down-slope).