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Wind Energy Management Head Quarters and Visitor Centre

Arklow, Co. Wicklow

The Proposal

As a support for major offshore wind energy development, MosArt was commissioned to investigate the possibility of creating a staff management an operations control base and the inclusion of related interpretation facilities for the public in Arklow Harbour. As a means of integrating the building, both architecturally and socially into its context, the building reflects its Arklow dockland context and the industrial past but also provides some ‘front-of-house interpretation and exhibition space for the general public.

The MosArt Effect 

MosArt adopted a somewhat sculptural approach to the building front that addresses the harbour context and accommodates visitor access. The use of Corten steel at the front reflects the industrial past. An allusion to the sea and its wave movement is suggested abstractly in building form by the rising and falling of the roof, while a turret-like feature above the main entrance provides a ‘look-out’ across the sea towards the wind farm.