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Our Approach

At MosArt, our client’s satisfaction is our top priority. Our friendly and highly talented team of experts will lead your project to success while keeping you informed every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to your needs, provide expert guidance, and deliver professional execution. With our proven track record for reliable energy consultancy, rigorous analysis, and specialised design tools, we ensure that our buildings perform exactly as intended, providing you and your customers with certainty.

One-Stop-Shop Service

At MosArt, we specialise in delivering high-performance buildings that meet the NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building) or Passive House standards. Whether you already have an architect or design team in place, we can work with them on a consultancy basis to ensure your project achieves the required standard on a cost-optimal basis. With a proven track record of providing consultancy for high-profile developments across the world, including the 26-storey Cornell Tower in Manhattan and the first certified Passive House project in China, as well as key consulting roles in major projects in Ireland, MosArt can be your one-stop-shop for energy consultancy services.

Building Energy Rating (BER)

NZEB is here to stay and MosArt can help you not only achieve the basic standard, but go even higher if you want. A higher than basic rating can be attractive when marketing in a competitive environment. We use the DEAP (Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure) method for NZEB performance, ensuring compliance with mandatory national standards. Our expertise in BER includes rigorous analysis and specialised design tools to assess and optimize the energy performance of your building, ensuring it meets the required standards for energy efficiency.

Thermal Bridge Modelling

Thermal bridging is a common issue in building construction that can result in heat loss, increased energy consumption, and higher construction costs. At MosArt, we provide optimized thermal bridge details through modeling, which reduces the insulation levels required and effectively lowers construction costs. Our specialised thermal bridge modeling expertise ensures that your building minimizes heat loss and meets the highest energy performance standards, resulting in cost-effective and energy-efficient construction.

Passive House Modelling

Passive House is a rigorous standard for energy-efficient buildings that prioritise comfort, indoor air quality, and low energy consumption. At MosArt, we apply the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) as a design tool to ensure scientifically accurate prediction of energy consumption, comfort, and indoor air quality. We have extensive experience in Passive House modeling for single-family units, multi-family blocks, and commercial buildings, both new-builds and retrofits, in various climates around the world. By employing the Passive House methodology, we can help you design and optimise your building to meet the highest energy standards and avoid any performance gap.