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MosArt's Expertise in Passive Housing Transformed Our Galway Development

We partnered with MosArt during the construction of our inaugural Passive Housing project comprising 26 units in Galway. Renowned as Ireland's foremost Passive housing experts, MosArt played an instrumental role. They provided unwavering guidance during both the design and construction phases, ensuring our adherence to the highest standards. The quality of service extended to us was truly exceptional. Notably, Stephen and Tomas fostered seamless communication, displaying a sincere commitment to both the project's triumph and the enlightenment of fellow contractors like us.

Embracing Passive House with Ease

Working with MosArt as our Passive House consultants has been incredible. They have demystified the process, guiding us through technicalities, costs, and even organizing a site visit. Their expertise and support have been invaluable for our team and the wider industry, pushing the Passive House approach to new heights. MosArt's in-depth understanding of Passive House principles aligned perfectly with our sustainability goals. They explained complex concepts in a clear and approachable manner, highlighting the potential of energy efficiency in building design. Beyond our project, MosArt's passion for sustainability shines as they actively promote the Passive House approach to the masses. Their helpfulness, flexibility, and innovative solutions have made the journey enjoyable. We wholeheartedly recommend MosArt to anyone seeking exceptional Passive House consultants. Thank you, to the MosArt team

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