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MosArt was established in 1993 by Art McCormack - a highly talented architect and Tomas O'Leary - an innovative environmental designer.

Art and Tomas both shared the same convictions; that people should be able to enjoy the highest standard of living, without negatively affecting the natural environment. The solution was to change what is ‘conventional’, to a more environmentally friendly solution – nZEB and Passive House.

With housing currently being responsible for a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions, Art and Tomas introduced Ireland with a cost effective solution that can all but eliminate the carbon footprint that people are forced to create through living in conventional housing. The solution was to change what is "conventional", to a more environmentally friendly solution - Passive House.

High performance nZEB and Passive House means healthier, happier lives for people today, and for future generations. MosArt now offers some of the world’s most innovative, low carbon design solutions across architecture and urban design, for residential, commercial and public sectors. MosArt also works with government bodies to ensure renewable energy sources, such as wind farms and forestry, do not disrupt the beauty of our native landscape.

For clients who won't be swayed toward going green, MosArt still offer a more conventional architecture and landscape design service coupled with their clientcentric approach to design and execution, gained from MosArt's many years of experience.



At MosArt we know that our staff are pivotal to your projects success. That’s why we only employ the best. We then carefully nurture each person by feeding them with lots of training, inspiration and guidance to make them even better. If you want to work with a team of designers, consultants and experts that put your needs first and inject diligence, experience, creativity and synergy into your project, then MosArt are perfect for you.  

People say “It takes one to know one”, well it’s true. Not only do we consist of lots of very clever people, but we network with many more. Since our beginning in 1993, we’ve worked with a huge array of talent, the best of whom we’ve built long-lasting partnerships with. Our partner network means we’re able to quickly and easily extend our workforce and specialisms to accomplish projects of all complexities and scales.

Tomás O'Leary

Director of MosArt, Tomás is a Landscape Architect and has a Master's degree in Environmental Resource Management.

Tomás’ day to day professional activities are diverse, including Landscape Design, Landscape Character Assessment, Landscape Impact Assessment and, since 2002, Passive House Design, specification and construction. Tomás and his family live in Ireland’s very first Passive House, which he built in 2005. He has co-drafted several national Best Practice Guidelines including those on Landscape Assessment, Wind Farm Planning and Passive House Design. He regularly presents papers at national and international conferences and is also involved in training corporate bodies and local authorities on sustainable building.


Art McCormack

Art McCormack has been practising in the field of architecture since 1982 in Ireland, Finland and USA on a wide range of building types and specifications. He co-founded MosArt (architecture, landscape architecture and urban design) in 1993 and subsequently the PHA (Passive House Academy) in 2009 and nZEBRA in 2016.
Art is proficient at designing very high performance and low energy buildings, including to the Passive House (PH) and nZEB standard. He has combined his interest and knowledge of the building industry and its standards with his natural ability to teach others, successfully delivering training to tradesperson and design in PH design and construction in Ireland, UK, USA and China.
Art also has developed over 25 years an expertise in the fields of Landscape Architecture including Landscape Impact Assessment (LIA) as well as Urban Design.
Having published several papers and given lectures on various landscape related topics, Art is considered a leader in his field. He has presented at both national and international conferences.

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