Landscapes define and embellish the built environment. We believe they should form memorable, liveable places that promote biodiversity

From simple gardens to large residential developments, we have delivered successful landscape design projects of all sizes.
Experts in commercial landscape, we've provided stunning landscape architectural services for hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, industrial estates and more.
For many years MosArt has been the choice landscape design practice for public bodies across Ireland including Dublin City Council, with whom we have a long standing relationship



Choosing MosArt means you’ll benefit from the holistic approach that only a full service practice can offer. Because our teams consist of Architects, Landscape Architects, Visual Impact Assessment experts, Environmental designers and Urban Designers; your project can benefit from a broad array of expert input to help it succeed on every level.


From residential gardens to public parks, MosArt have all the experience needed to deliver a truly inspirational landscape to suit your needs. Since our beginnings in 1993 we’ve completed countless projects across all sectors including commercial projects for big names such as Lidl, Ritz and Dublin City Council. We’re confident that you’ll be as impressed with our work as they were.


As our client, your satisfaction is our biggest priority. You’ll be served by a friendly and highly talented team of experts that will lead your project to success while keeping you in the loop every step of the way. We pride ourselves in our ability to really listen to what you want, provide expert guidance and professional execution, regardless of project size or budget.



‘Theory is well explained. Tomas is really patient. the team is doing a great job looking up for our questions and answers. Thanks!’
Hadas Peer, Israel
‘Very clear slides/info, great images/diagrams and the flexibility of doing this remotely is super.’
Eoin McElroy, Cork
‘I love the indepth knowledge. Great coverage in both terms of breadth and depth of knowledge. I think I have a good knowledge on the subjects but have learnt so much more. I love the real world examples and experience that you can bring to the training.’
Andrew Sadler, UK
‘The interactive nature, how it is well marshalled, on time, open and always real examples. The calculations from lessons learned and openness on how learning from past mistakes is very useful.’
Vincent Manley, Cork
The overall result here in St. Bricans is absolutely magnificent. What they've achieved here is the gold standard. We now have the template [for all future NZEB retrofits].
Nial Ring
Former Lord Mayor of Dublin / Dublin City Council
John, Cramer and Ed were absolutely fantastic instructors. Not only do they exceptionally understand their "craft", but they exuded a zeal and passion that made the coursework an incredible experience for me. I am a convert as a result and have every intention of going further with this. Please pass on my appreciation and gratitude your Passive House Academy team.
Roman Kaniuga
I just wanted to thank you for a great class last week. So much information was packed in and at times got exhausting but it was still so great. The content was really good - but you truly have a gift of teaching and keeping everyone engaged and tuned in.
Mali Torriero
Myself and my classmates are very appreciative of the effort you put into instructing us this week. In my opinion, the training was fantastic and really helped me to better understand how the various passive house design strategies/components contribute to the overall function of the building. I look forward to applying what I learned in my work!
Jake Sharick
"MosArt has produced for us an extraordinary landscape in a sensitive context close to Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow. Their designs include responses to woodland, a river and to the residential areas of the site, each part thematically considered yet forming an integrated environment."
Johnny Ronan
Property developer / Ronan Group Real Estate (RGRE)
"We planned an extensive renovation of our home and contacted MosArt about the possibilities of going passive and are glad we did so. From the beginning to the end of the process both in professional and personal terms the team was a pleasure to work with. They accompanied our journey from the design to the final sign-off and played a key role at each stage. First we gained an understanding and insight into what distinguished passive house design and build from more conventional methods enabling us to appreciate the potential benefits of this evidence-led scientific approach to every aspect of design, build and finish. Art McCormack of MosArt also brought the aesthetic eye of a good architect. Numerous points of detail, small in themselves, but elegant in the round complemented the science–led foundation of the build. In the end, as the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and in our case the outcome is all that we could have hoped for - and more." MosArt made a key contribution. We are glad we found them and pleased that they worked with us in such a comprehensive, diligent and ultimately successful way.
Pat Cox
Former President of European Union
"MosArt has carried out design work for us on a number of varied projects including a large prestigious private house, two enterprise parks, a retail warehouse development, a residential application for over five hundred houses and apartments to a full-scale edge of centre, town centre extension application comprising nearly one million sq ft of commercial space and over four hundred residential units. Some of these sites have been very challenging and MosArt’s team proved to be very versatile in dealing with the challenges and the combination of Architectural, Landscape Design and Urban Design proved very useful particularly when dealing with connections to the existing Town and neighbouring residential estates."
Tom Delahoyde
Property Developer / Lusra Teoranta


The Brief
We’ll discuss your brief or if you don’t have one, we’ll create it based on your requirements and ideas. You’ll receive expert advice and guidance to help your turn your dream into an actionable plan.
Preliminary Work
We’ll examine your site, requirements and budget in order to determine if everything in the initial brief is actionable. We'll then work closely with you, ironing out any issue until we reach an objective that is both feasible and to your satisfaction.
You’ll start to get an idea of how the landscape will look through initial sketches, as well as receive the results of our feasibility study if applicable. We’ll then refine the design and present it in a beautiful visual for you to sign off.
Preliminary Design
At this stage you’ll get landscape architectural designs of your project. The plants and materials will also be decided with your input.
Detailed Design
The drawings will be brought to the highest level of detail, specifying all materials, plant list, equipment and instructions to enable the planting and construction to be completed.
Well put together a tender package so contractors can provide quotes for the construction. We’ll be there to advise you, ensuring that you hire a highly competent and skilled contractor.
While the landscape project is in progress, we will monitor and guide the contractor ensuring that all work is carried out to specification, budget and time-frame while keeping you in the loop every step of the way.
Our experts will scrutinise the finished landscape in order to ensure it is of the highest standard. If any defects are found we will collaborate with the contractor in order to get them resolved as quickly as possible.


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