We believe that the built and natural environments can develop in harmony with each other through careful planning and design.

Wind Farms
MosArt has carried out landscape and visual impact assessment of approximately over 100 on-shore or off shore wind farms around Ireland.
Road Schemes
MosArt has been involved in the assessment of over 20 road projects throughout Ireland on schemes ranging from national route strategic corridors to town inner relief roads.
Residential & Commercial
MosArt has provided Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LIA) for residential and commercial developments as well as quarries around Ireland to demonstrate the impact of dramatic landscape change.
Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) can be used in strategic planning for sustainable development. We've completed LCAs for Counties; Roscommon, Waterford and Cork.



Choosing MosArt means you’ll benefit from the holistic approach that only a full service practice can offer. Because our teams consist of Architects, Landscape Architects, Visual Impact Assessment experts, Environmental designers and Urban Designers; your project can benefit from a broad array of expert input to help it succeed on every level.


MosArt has been carrying out landscape and visual impact assessment studies for 25 years, and have completed over 100 projects, including road schemes, land-based wind farms, large offshore wind farms, coastal conservation, residential schemes, mixed commercial developments and quarries. MosArt have written the official national guidelines relating to landscape and visual impact assessment, which gives us a unique advantage.
We have also have carried out landscape assessment on character and sensitivity as a basis for county strategy planning.


We will carry out preliminary investigation of landscape and visual impact based on Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) mapping in respect of county and national landscape designation. As our client, your satisfaction is our biggest priority. MosArt will collaborate with your LIA team in relevant areas in order to ensure harmony of method and results. A detailed and systematic report will then be produced in conformity with national and international standards.



"We planned an extensive renovation of our home and contacted MosArt about the possibilities of going passive and are glad we did so. From the beginning to the end of the process both in professional and personal terms the team was a pleasure to work with. They accompanied our journey from the design to the final sign-off and played a key role at each stage. First we gained an understanding and insight into what distinguished passive house design and build from more conventional methods enabling us to appreciate the potential benefits of this evidence-led scientific approach to every aspect of design, build and finish. Art McCormack of MosArt also brought the aesthetic eye of a good architect. Numerous points of detail, small in themselves, but elegant in the round complemented the science–led foundation of the build. In the end, as the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and in our case the outcome is all that we could have hoped for - and more." MosArt made a key contribution. We are glad we found them and pleased that they worked with us in such a comprehensive, diligent and ultimately successful way.
Pat Cox
Former President of European Union


As leaders in Landscape Visual Assessment, MosArt have been chosen to set the standards that now determine best practice for forestry, wind farms, road schemes and hedgerows. We've worked with local authorities to establish the national guidelines which you can download below:

SEI Wind Energy Guidelines
This is the guide used by planners and local authorities for wind farm development
SEI Survey on Windfarms
This document provides insight into public attitudes toward the development of wind farms in Ireland
Landscape Impact Assessment Guidelines
This feasibility study provides a framework for the development of a scenic landscapes map for Ireland
Forestry & Landscape Guidelines
A guide to how forests can be spatially planned and designed to enhance landscape aesthetics
Irish Hedgerows: Networks for Nature
Exploring the value of hedgerows for flora and fauna, Irish heritage and landscape aesthetics


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