Since designing and building Ireland's very first Passive House we've become the nation's leading experts in low-energy design

Passive house certification is like the hallmark on a gold bullion. It guarantees quality thus adding greater value to your investment. Passive House sets the ultimate standard in thermal efficiency which means inhabitants benefit from perfectly comfortable temperatures all year round, without the need for gas and oil central heating, resulting in huge annual savings as well as massive environmental benefits.


Building a Passive House is the most efficient and cost-effective way of meeting the new nZEB (nearly zero energy) building standards which are coming into force for public buildings in January 2019 and all other buildings in January 2021.

Your Project
MosArt Architects provide design and project management services in architecture, conservation architecture and landscape architecture. We can take your entire nZEB/Passive House project from inception to completion. MosArt Architects are specialists in designing buildings that perform to the highest energy, comfort and health standards.
In Good Hands
As architects we analyse the client's brief, study the site and its context, be it urban or rural. We then establish related planning policies and develop the architectural concept. The client is fully involved in the design process, including meetings where we discuss ideas and alternative architectural solutions for the design in question.
Passive House is Key
MosArt can design both new build and retrofits as nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) principles. The Passive House standard proves the most rational, consistent and efficient basis for realising nZEB because it involves optimising the building envelope in accordance with the 'fabric first' dictum.
Benefits of nZEB
A Passive House building means its inhabitants can enjoy even temperatures and draft-free conditions along with high indoor air quality in respect of balanced humidity and low CO2 levels. There are also positive financial implications associated with the low energy demand that comes with choosing a passive house.
Regarding improvement of existing buildings, MosArt is experienced in step-by-step retrofits that allow clients to phase their works in accordance with budgetary constraints. Optimal results are achieved by assisting your builder on site, ensuring unbroken continuity of insulation, thermal bridge control, airtightness and wind-tightness from phase to phase.
Leading Experts
We are used to working closely with builders in order to ensure you receive nothing less than excellent quality work. MosArt’s sister organisation the Passive House Academy, is actually one of Europe’s leading educational facilities for nZEB, offering accredited training courses for tradespersons and consultants.

New Build
If you want a new Passive House we can design one for you from scratch based on your requirements. If you already have a design, it's quite likely that it can be turned into Passive House with just a few modifications. Show us your architectural drawings. We can test them for you with our specialist software to quickly determine what's needed.
We can help you upgrade an existing building to the Passive House standard. In most cases it is possible to do, but not always. To maximise your chances, let the country's foremost Passive House experts assess the architectural drawings with our specialist software. We'd be glad to help you.
You want a Passive House construction but already have an Architect - no problem. MosArt can work with your Architects and Builders on a consultancy basis to ensure your building achieves the Passive House standard. We've already provided consultancy on various high profile developments across including the Botanic Homes, Ireland's first multi-unit Passive House development, and for the Chicago Spire located on the shores of Lake Michigan in the US.


Better Comfort
Super insulation, airtight design and triple glazed windows mean heat simply has nowhere to escape to. Solar heat and heat from electrical appliances can easily heat a whole building when there’s no way for it to escape.
Fresher Air
The mechanical ventilation system will supply every room in your building with fresh, clean air from outside. Expect between 8 and 12 full air changes per 24 hours. A heat exchanger will prevent resulting heat loss.
Bright & Beautiful
Large south-facing windows illuminate your building and beg to lend themselves to stunning contemporary architecture - offering borderless, light filled spaces and a strong connection to the surrounding landscape.
Lower Cost
A Passive House costs about 10% more to construct, but saves 90% on your energy bill. Construction is a one off cost but energy is a never ending overhead, so it really makes sense to go Passive.
Passive House comprises of many high quality building components making it durable. Dyed outer wall render and powder coated window frames mean you'll never need to paint your house again.
Low Carbon
About 30% of Ireland’s CO2 emissions come from energy used at home. It's even more if you include emissions from non-residential buildings. Passive House offers the solution. Let’s work together now to preserve the world for future generations.
Future Proof
Building regulations are aiming towards Passive House standards due to pressure from the EU. Soon the Passive House standard will be a legal requirement. So why build something now that will be substandard soon?
Join the Revolution
With over 40,000 certified Passive buildings worldwide, The Passive House standards is rapidly gaining momentum. Ireland is at the forefront of the Passive House movement. Join the future. Be the next Passive House trailblazer.



Choosing MosArt means you’ll benefit from the holistic approach that only a full service practice can offer. Because our teams consist of Architects, Landscape Architects, Visual Impact Assessment experts, Environmental designers and Urban Designers; your project can benefit from a broad array of expert input to help it succeed.
Since designing and building Ireland's' first Passive house, MosArt have become the nation's leading Passive House experts. All in, we've probably been involved in more Passive House projects than any other practice in Ireland. Why risk hiring anyone else when you can have the very best? We've also built a great network of experienced Passive House suppliers and traders that can help with your project if need be.
As our client, your satisfaction is our biggest priority. You’ll be served by a friendly and highly talented team of experts that will lead your project to success while keeping you in the loop every step of the way. We pride ourselves in our ability to really listen to what you want, provide expert guidance and professional execution, regardless of project size or budget.


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