Clonburris Special Development Zone

SDZ Planning Scheme & Local Area Plan – Clonburris

Project Description:

Clonburris Special Development Zone (SDZ) is a large-scale sustainable urban development located within an urban area in the northern part of South Dublin County. Approximately 180 hectares of the 265 hectares site are designated as the SDZ. When completed it could become one of the biggest towns in Ireland and an exemplar project of best practice in sustainable development, public realm and urban design. As an Eco-District it will set new standards for environmental urban expansions and a high quality, sustainable and new urban district model in Ireland.

MosArt has been appointed as Landscape and Public Realm Consultants to provide design codes for key areas. A key feature in the design is the innovative use of sustainable urban drainage systems (SUD’S) as essential devices used not only to manage the surface water, but also as design features to organise, delineate and aesthetically enrich both public and private open space.

  • Project date: 2008
  • Project size: 180 hectares