Dialectic Passive House

Dialectic Passive House

Project Description:

Conceptually, this house with its landscaping comprises a dialectical approach. This is manifest in: curvilinear and rectangular (plan and section) form; masonry and wood (facades); connections to the sea and distant landscape (horizontal) and sky (vertical).

In terms of building performance, the house is undergoing a step-by-step refurbishment to the Passive House retrofit / EnerPHit standard. With its extensive roof and front / north elevation fully retrofitted, significant improvements are already evident in respect of comfort (thermal balance and minimal draughts) and health (high indoor air quality) as well as considerably reduced space heating demand.

Want to learn more about this project?

Check out the Step-by-Step EnerPHit Retrofit document below along with an article from the Passive House Plus magazine.

  • Client: Art McCormack
  • Copyright: MosArt