Roundwood Housing Scheme

Roundwood Housing Scheme

Project Description:

This residential scheme, is located on the periphery of a large village. The site comprises a slope that affords views eastwards over a lake.

The layout ensures differentiation of space and route types, including a clearly articulated gateway entrance that frames the main entrance to the development. The latter comprises a primary spinal route that not only accesses the public road, but that also extends at the opposite end of the development to ensure permeability through to an anticipated future development up-slope.

The main communal open space provides a heart to the development that is reinforced by surrounding houses. Minor open spaces located along the spine road form a series of intimate clusters that complements the more rigorous stepped house structure of the houses to the south of this road.

Priority for house orientation is given to the south, whether fronts or backs, but without compromising flexibility in layout and variety of character areas. This development would result in very substantial reductions in carbon emissions compared to current building standards. Open space includes a special feature as well as an overall sustainable landscape design approach.