Tipperary Villages

District Service Centre Enhancement Schemes of South Tipperary County Council

Project Description:

MosArt and Icon Architects were commissioned by South Tipperary County Council in 2008 to prepare public realm improvement schemes for 19 No district service centers across the County.

Following extensive on-site village appraisals, the team prepared high quality 3-dimensional models for each village.  Central to the design for each village was the creation of a high quality environment, which preserves the identity of the village but also enhances selected components and areas of the public space. The concepts included site analysis maps, scheme designs for the entire village and detailed plans for key intervention areas. Following extensive public consultations, detailed construction drawings of the revised schemes were prepared.

The team has so far completed 13 villages. MosArt is currently involved in carrying out design proposals for a further 6 villages.

  • Project date: 2008
  • Client: Tipperary County Council