Tullyallen Development

Tullyallen Residential Development, Drogheda, Louth

Tullyallen is a mixed density residential scheme on the western outskirts of Drogheda adjacent to the M1 motorway. MosArt prepared both the landscape master plan and a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment for the scheme. This had to have consideration for the high visibility of the proposed development from a national motorway and the important heritage landscape of the Boyne Valley.

Project Description:

The quality of Public Realm and Open Space is increasingly regarded as a key issue for the success of residential schemes. The residential development in Tullyallen offered the opportunity to demonstrate innovative solutions for special arrangements, circulation, bio-diversity and community. The principle objectives of the landscape design proposals for the scheme were as follows:

  • Creation of individually designed quality outdoor spaces for all residents.
  • Generous outdoor and community areas with active recreational facilities.
  • Safe, attractive streets, squares and open spaces with pedestrian priority and innovative play areas.
  • Creation a well connected environment.
  • Integration of existing habitats and land features.
  • Enhancement of habitat diversity through extensive open spaces, planting coverage and the use of native and indigenous species.
  • Incorporation with low impact materials and sustainable drainage and water management systems.