We provide world class NZEB and Passive House training which empowers builders and designers.

Learn the building science to design and construct new or existing buildings that meet the new NZEB requirements and/or the Passive House standard. This provides your pathway to energy efficiency compliance.
Receive guidance on testing your NZEB designs using DEAP 4 (Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure) modelling methods or state-of-the-art PHPP (Passive House Planning Package) software in order to design out problems before you build.
Learn how to build to NZEB and Passive House standards. Get hands-on training in either purpose-built facilities located around the country, or through tool-box sessions on-site.

Our Courses

Passive House & NZEB for Designers

This type of training is typically for architects who wish to learn to design building to Passive House and NZEB standards. Upon completion you will be certified by the Passive House Institute.


Workshop-based training

This type of training is typically for individuals or groups of construction workers. It is Irish government funded and is designed to be delivered in specific training centres that provide dedicated classrooms and various practice models that cover demonstration and hands-on work.

The WWETB (Waterford and Wexford Educational Training Board) is the only ETB running NZEB courses at the moment, but it is expected that other ETB’s will be provide them in the near future.

The duration of the courses varies depending on your trade.

The fundamentals course is aimed at anyone who is directly or indirectly impacted by NZEB. It aims to give a detailed understanding of how NZEB will impact the construction industry as a whole. This course is available to anyone, with the most common attendees being building contractors, developers, architects, engineers, County Council members, product manufacturers, homeowners, real estate agents but with people from a diverse range of backgrounds also attending.

The maximum capacity of the course is 10 people.

All of the NZEB courses are City and Guilds Assured. The entire suite of NZEB courses is currently fully funded through the Skills to Advance Initiative, run by Solas. Funding is only available to attendees with an Irish PPS number. If an attendee does not have an Irish PPS number the course costs €100 per day.

Lunch is not included.

On-site bespoke training

This type of training is typically for Contractor companies for their construction personnel. It is, therefore, privately funded and is normally located on-site but including an enclosed structure functioning as a classroom for theory training and then using buildings at various stages of construction for practical training.

The course capacity for onsite training is dependent on the space made available by the Client. 20 is usually a reasonable upper limit to make sure everyone is engaged.

The duration of on-site training is entirely up to the Client. We can write courses to deliver whatever learning objectives you need to cover and can advise you on the duration.

We can offer Continual Professional Development (CPD) points for our on-site based training.

We have used the building site as a classroom in the past. We usually run such training when there is a roof on the building in order to protect projectors and laptops from rain. Ideally, we would teach the theory elements of the course in a portacabin or canteen and then deliver practical training on-site. When providing airtight training, we can apply products to training models or to live projects that are under construction.

We can deliver on-site training courses that cover new build, retrofit or a combination of both.

Included in the price would be the preparation of a bespoke course presentation and delivery of the presentation. Expenses would be worked out and clearly stated in our quotation for each job. We do not provide printed manuals of the slides and do not circulate soft copies.

The benefits of on-site training include: builders do not have to travel to training centre, which may be costly for big groups; courses can be tailored in content and duration to cover learning outcomes that the client wants (note that workshop based training courses usually have predetermined learning outcomes, so this flexibility is not possible). A walk-through of the site is useful in showing some of what has been learned on a live site with which the trainees are already familiar.




When not in the classroom, the MosArt trainers are designing, consulting and certifying NZEB and Passive House projects in a broad variety of climates. This brings a wealth of practical experience to the training and ensures that learners gain access to the very latest details, technologies and case studies. We co-developed the first dedicated Passive House Tradesperson training workshops in the world, here in Ireland. We then reproduced it across the globe, making it possible for contractors and designers to learn in a hands-on environment, interacting with materials and equipment.


Our highly experienced educators have been delivering informed and stimulating training since 2002 to audiences around the world who want to get to grips with the most challenging of energy efficiency standards. MosArt has trained over 1,400 designers and consultants and almost 1,000 contractors who are leading the delivery of high-performance building projects. We take the fear out of building science and arm you with the knowledge you need to deliver the most energy efficient, comfortable and healthy buildings on the planet.


We were commissioned by Waterford and Wexford Education and training Board to lead the drafting of Ireland’s National Skills Specification for Contractor Training in NZEB, involving a suite of 9 different programmes. All of these programmes are City and Guilds Assured. Our Passive House Designer trainees can take the internationally accredited Passive House Designer exam in order to become registered and certified by the Passivhaus Institute. Our Passive House tradespeople courses provide a seal of approval for contractors and builders, affording a distinction which enables them to build to the Passive House standard.




Under our subsidiary Passive House Academy, we have been involved in training both designers and tradespersons for over a decade. This began with the Certified Passive House Design course as well as related building performance software courses and then the world’s first Certified Passive House Tradespersons (building envelope and services) course.
We have delivered our courses in Ireland, the UK (Saint Gobain and CITB Scotland), Eastern Europe, the USA, Canada, China and Australia. We've established training workshops across the world and also been instrumental in setting up Centres of Excellence.


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